Ian is passionate about Landscape and Natural History photography.

From early childhood, Ian has always been at one with nature, inquisitive and intrigued with the natural world. An example of this is the collecting of caterpillars in jam jars and eventually watching them merge into a beautiful butterflies, or laying on your back, staring towards the summer sky, wondering how the cotton wool clouds manage to float through the air without falling to the ground.

Growing up with nature has given Ian great insight and understanding of how delicate the natural world can be.
His aim in photography is to capture, childhood memories and produce images that stimulate the imagination.

Surrounded by the beauty of the North Yorkshire moors, Yorkshire Dales and our heritage coastline, pure inspiration in abundance.
With a deep love for nature, Ian began a photographic journey in macro and natural history photography, but since 2008 has embraced landscape

Most of his images are taken at sunrise and sunset when the light is softer, creating warmer hues & magical pastel tones.

Ian uses Nikon professional digital cameras and admires the power and the versatility of this medium.

High quality prints are available for sale and commissions are undertaken.

Please don't hesitate to contact Ian via the contacts page if you would like any information on purchasing prints or commission work.

Alternatively Telephone: Sales 01287 677677